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In 2020 Lövsta Future Challenge took the step over the Atlantic and launched a competition for young Grand Prix horses in the US.
A tour for 7 year old showjumpers joined in 2022 and Lövsta Future Challenge are now proud to present a tour for young talents in both dressage and jumping. The common vision is to give young horses, in dressage as well as in showjumping the best possible conditions to develop towards top international sports.


Dressage Jumping

Jennifer Hoffmann and Nolesse Rondoro. Photo: Sara Hellner


The dressage tour is open for horses from eight up to eleven years of age. The tour will host national qualifiers that will award winners and conclude at the end of the season in the International Arena. The qualifications are being ridden in Intermediere II and the final in Grand Prix for Young Horses.
The jumping tour is for promising seven year old horses. The jumping tour will also host a number of qualifiers and the season ends with a final at the International Arena at the amazing venue in Wellington. Our hope is that this initiative will give the horses the opportunity to gain valuable routine and experience.

The series will give them the routine and hopefully the confidence to take the last step towards the highest grand prix level. Our hopes is that series like this with a goal of becoming an overall winner will boost both riders and horses and the teams behind them. We believe that one of the most important parts to reach success and growth is to set up goals.

Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén Founder of Lövsta Future Challenge