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LFC Sweden

Lövsta Future Challenge is a well established Swedish concept for talent development aimed at young horses and U25 riders in both dressage and jumping. Our goal is to help Sweden reach it's full potential internationally as an equestrian nation and to show the Swedish equestrian sport as a role model for others.

Matilda Pettersson and Ca Cozé Photo: Roland Thunholm


Through our national series, we give young horses and U25 riders the arena and conditions to advance towards the international top sport. In cooperation with the country’s top competition organizers, we offer the best combinations of riders and horses to gain the routine and experience needed.

Equestrian sport is no one man show. We acknowledge not only the horses and riders but also the teams behind them, including; grooms, trainers, breeders, horse owners and sponsors. All are incredibly important for developing talent and keeping it in the country.

Lövsta Future Challenge also strives to create forums where riders and equestrian professionals can exchange knowledge and work together towards a sport where the environment and horsemanship are central themes.

It is amazing that the U25 riders get chances like this, it is really a good opportunity for them to be were it happens. It is tough to get starting places in big competitions when you take the step up as a senior, so this opportunity is really valuable. It is a good opportunity for me too, to get a little closer to the riders and have a dialogue going forward because I do not meet them out so often. It means a lot.

Henrik Ankarcrona Swedish Chef d'equipe, Jumping



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