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About LFC

Lövsta Future Challenge is a well established Swedish concept for talent development aimed at young horses and U25 riders in both dressage and jumping. Lövsta Future Challenge is about searching for knowledge and reaching for perfection, embracing the joy of partnership between the horse and rider, and leaving a sustainable footprint within the equestrian sport.

Johanna Due Boje, winner of LFC Dressage Young Horses 2019. Photo: Roland Thunholm

Set the goals high and reach the stars

The main goal for Lövsta Future Challenges is to develop Swedish equestrian sport in show jumping and dressage, by giving young talents – horses and riders – the right basis to develop towards international Grand Prix. The goals are set high, we want to see that at least two former Lövsta Future Challenge participants, horses or riders on the national teams each year. We aspire to work with the best show organizers in the country and we aim to support them in creating competition with international standards.

Early on, we also decided to focus on other aspects of competition development including the environment, sustainability, and a deeper respect for horses through our philosophy of horsemanship. We share our beliefs and commitment in various forums and seminars in which we invite riders and their trainers from both dressage and jumping.

As we developed Lövsta Future Challenge, it became evident that success not only strengthens the horses and riders, but also the wonderful teams at their side: grooms, sponsors, trainers, breeders and horse owners. Over the years we have focused on the entirety of the teams by inviting all into our plans and discussions, which has been very appreciated.

Antonia and Talento. Photo: Sara Hellner

Lövsta Future Challenge has been one of the most meaningful projects of my career; bringing together the joy and curiosity of youth, while striving for excellence alongside our commitment to sustainability – always with the well- being of the horse as our focal point.

Antonia Ax:son Johnson Entrepreneur, passionate horse lover and owner of Lövsta Stuteri.