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We strive to create an equestrian industry with sustainability and horsemanship as the focal point, whilst enabling an environment where different branches and people of our industry and sport can come together and exchange knowledge and inspiration.

Ecoestrian during the European Championship in Gothenburg 2017 Photo: Roland Thunholm

Lövsta Future Challenge strives to be an inspiration for a more sustainable sport

Lövsta Future Challenge's vision is to be the driving force that fuels the sustainability work within the equestrian industry in Sweden. We challenge, supports and contributes to more knowledge in able to meet future expectations of our sport. Our vision is that the Swedish equestrian industry should be the world leading role model for sustainable horse keeping. Lövsta Future Challenge should influence and affect organizers, competitors, audience and other crucial parts of the equestrian world towards a more sustainable industry.

"With sustainability we mean things that for a long time to creates better conditions for all living things on this planet whilst providing a sound economy. To be able to coexist in harmony in the future, we need to make sure that we don't overstep the boundaries of our earth, strive towards trust between humans, respect human rights and take good care of our animals."

We try to contribute in different ways. For example, we compensates the travels for our competitions in both show jumping and dressage. Together with our organizers we try to create more sustainable competitions. The jackets or vests we give our competitors each season are chosen with sustainability in mind. We aim to spread both knowledge and inspiration.