Marten Luiten winner of Lövsta Future Challenge International Dressage U25 Tour in Herning

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Marten Luiten and Fynona, photo Kim Lundin

Dutch rider Marten Luiten continues his winning streak in Lövsta Future Challenge International Dressage Tour. Today´s impressive freestyle was awarded with 76,82%, enough to for a win in a strong U25 field.

- "I´m very happy with my ride today, especially the canter part. Yesterday she was a bit taken back by the arena, but she was more relaxed today and I had a better feeling. It´s really such a privilege to be able to to compete in such a high level show. We get both experience but also motivation from watching all the World Cup riders, " says Marten after the test.

It was a strong field indeed. To be able to make into the top 3, a score above 75% was required. 2nd place went to Danish rider Sophia Ludvigsen with the 9 year old Blue Hors Quintana, scoring 75,64%. It was a close call to the third place, also to Denmark, through Thea Bech and Dionisos with 75,33%.

World Cup Herning is the first leg in the total of three in the concept Lövsta Future Challenge International Tour. The tour creates opportunities for U25 riders to compete in the international arenas where competitions in the FEI Dressage World Cup™ are also held. The next stop is Jumping Amsterdam January 25th-28th 2024 and the tour concludes during Gothenburg Horse Show 21-25 February 2024. Each leg consists of a U25 Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle.

Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén, founder of Lövsta Future Challenge, was thrilled to see the outcome of today´s class.

- "It´s incredible to see that there is such a great interest for our tour. The quality of both the horses and the riders is truly high; most of them are already competetive in international Grand Prix."

Results from today can be found here.