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U25-riders from three nations on the podium in Lövsta Future Challenge in Gothenburg.

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Sara Aagard Hyrm and Atteruogaards Cooper together with her sister Sandra, Kristina Berggren Fur and tomas Torgersen. Photo Roland Thunholm

Danish rider Sara Aagaard Hyrm with the family owned 10-year-old Atterupgaards Cooper took the third and last victory in the Lövsta Future Challenge at Gothenburg Horse Show. The class is one of three independent events all arranged in conjunction with the FEI Dressage World Cup in Herning and Amsterdam. Runner-up was the Dutch U25-teamrider Zoe Kuintjes with her horse Cupido and third was Swedish home-rider Evelina Söderström on Cilantro, also a family treasure.

Sara Aagaard Hyrm was so pleased with her young horse with stable name just Cooper.

- “The arena is so special. It was intense, but it was really a nice feeling to ride in front of such an amazing audience. I tried to do my best and keep my horse calm. But you can really feel the pressure with so much audience, and it's really fun. To ride in such a big arena is amazing. But my horse is still a very young boy. I've had him for four years, so we have developed together. I am really, really pleased with today.

Sara, Zoe and Evelina were all in agreement on what a series such as Lövsta Future Challenge mean for them.

“It's amazing what a support we get and how much Lövsta Future Challenge is doing for us young riders. We are learning a lot from watching the best riders of the world cup and get a chance to ride in the same arena. It means a lot”, concluded Sara receiving nods from the podium.

Travelling from the Netherlands and competing in Gothenburg, Zoe Kuintjes with her horse Cupido was pleasantly surprised.

“It's my first time here in Gothenburg. I already rode at Jumping Amsterdam last year. So this is my second time riding Lövsta Future Challenge. It's such an amazing audience here. I have ridden Cupido now for almost three years.

Evelina Söderström on Cilantro are experienced an experienced Scandinavium combination, meaning, they have competed here once before.

“ I was here last year and competed in the Lövsta Future Challenge. And that was a really good experience. It is an inspiration riding next to World Cup series riders, to see them train, it's really fun.”

The class took an unfortunate turn as the leading combination were disqualified due to discovery of blood on the left flank in the FEI Steward check after the ride. The systems in place to put horse welfare first and centre, work as the horse is protected before, during and after the competition by the rules and regulations in place.

Judge Isobel Wessels commented on the class.

- “First of all, I was clearly very sad that one didn't come through the check. But I think this is also a sign that we are taking everything very seriously. And the competition is never more important than the welfare of the horse. This was a clear indication of this today. The Series is very inspiring for the U25-riders, these are our teams of the future. And they come here and train in this atmosphere. You can't practice this at home. It's a whole different atmosphere."

Lövsta Future Challenge International Dressage Tour was launched through a unique collaboration between Lövsta Future Challenge and FEI World Cup™ organizers Gothenburg Horse Show, Jumping Amsterdam and World Cup Herning. The concept creates opportunities for U25 derssage riders to compete in the international arenas where FEI Dressage World Cup™ events are also held.