Joppe K and Jennifer Williams winning the Lövsta Future Challenge Dressage US final

Jennifer Williams and Joppe K together with Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén, Lövsta Future Challenge, Judge by C Stephen Clarke and Thomas Baur from ADGF. Photo Susan J Stickle

With a debut in the Grand Prix for young horses and a win in the 15 000USD Lövsta Future Challenge final Joppe K and Jennifer Williams outshined even the Florida sun this Sunday.

- " Today, I just wanted to go in and make it as confidence building, educational and fun for him. He is just eight, but he really enjoys doing this and he always wants to do his best. I´m so proud of him and also really grateful for this tour, which is such a great opportunity for the young horses", Jennifer concludes.

Throughout the season, which is the third of Lövsta Future Challenge US, we have seen some really high quality horses and now the organisation are hoping that more will join the tour.

" When we first started out in Sweden, eleven years ago, it took a couple of years before the riders and their teams really started to aim for the tour, but since then both quality and quantity has increased tremendously. Now we are hoping for more riders in the US to put Lövsta Future Challenge into their plans", says Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén, founder of Lövsta Future Challenge.

Second place went to Kelly Lane/Fernando and Alice Tarjan/Jane secured the third place.

You can find the results here.