Bertram Allen and Dieter Vermeiern on top the second day of Lövsta Future Challenge

In the absence of the sun, the young talents lit up Stockholm Stadium on Saturday morning. Bertram, Allen with Karlsson and Dieter Vermeirn with Kingston Town 111 Z took the win, for Dieter for the second day in a row.

Swedish Caroline Persson with Syd Frys Dinora was at the top for a long time for the 7-year-old horses after a fast and flawless ride. Towards the end of the starting field, the starting field got even faster and it was Bertram Allen and Karlsson who won with a flawless round and a time of 66.34 seconds.

"I'm happy to be back at this wonderful arena. It's a really good experience for the younger horses to get in here and I'm very happy with Karlsson. He's usually ridden by my brother," says Bertram.

Second in the class was Belgian Nicola Philippaerts with K&T Geronimo and third German Christian Ahlman with Condor One Z.

When it was time for the U25 riders, Dieter and Kingston Town 111 Z were once again unbeatable and took their second victory of the weekend, the third overall in Lövsta Future Challenge International.

"Kingston and I know each other very well. I knew there was only one distance to go and it was forward," says a happy Dieter.